Sunday 21st May 2023 to Sperlonga, Latina

Sunday 17th October 2023 to Sperlonga, Latina


Massimiliano Locco lives and works in Rome. He has run his own  painting school in Rome for many years. Massimiliano travels all over the world to exhibit and is one of the key tutors in the annual "Watercolour Convention" in Fabriano each year.

He says about himself: "I approach watercolour painting following the works of Ettore Roesler Franz, (Roman watercolourist of the 19th century) , and John Singer Sargent.  My style often changes, I'm constantly exploring the medium. Watercolour offers endless possibilities and is a continuous research.   I prefer to paint in plein air.  My city, Rome, offers remarkable views to paint, urban and rural scenes.  I also love painting in coastal areas such as Sperlonga which has beautiful views of the old town, a fishing village, rocks and sea.  With plein air you are obliged to be more instinctive and immediate and leads to amazing results".

Massimiliano has won many prizes for his work internationally and in Italy itself.  


“Massimiliano Iocco was amazing. Not only is he extremely talented and passionate, but he really taught us how to paint a watercolor. He spent time with us explaining the composition of a painting, how to identify what our focal point should be, and how light is critical in planning our painting. He would show us step by step how to draw our picture, how to layer our paint, discussed perspective, how to draw attention to our focal point, and so on. After each explanation, he demonstrated how to do it and gave us time to do each step and came around to every one of us to critique, offer suggestions and show us which paints to use to get the most effective results". 

 "Massimiliano is an exceptional instructor" 

"Massimiliano was just great"